32 golden rules for healthy teeth

Many factors such as changes in lifestyle, eating habits, products used with developing technology affect oral and dental health. So, what do we pay attention to to protect our oral and dental health?

What to do for healthy teeth?

1. Teeth should be brushed twice a day, one before going to bed

2. For proper cleaning, an interface brush or dental floss should be used.

3. Dentist control should be every 6 months

4. While brushing the teeth, the tongue should also be brushed.

5. For more effective brushing, the chosen toothbrush should be soft

6. Tooth brushing time should not be less than 2 minutes

7. The dental calculus should be cleaned at regular intervals

8. A mouthwash should be used to increase the effectiveness of tooth brushing.

9. The toothbrush should be changed every 2-3 months

10. Tooth whiteners should be used under the supervision of a doctor

11. Objects such as pencils and buckles should not be inserted into the mouth as they may damage the tooth structure.

12. Conditions such as teeth grinding and squeezing should be taken under control as they will damage the tooth enamel

13. Smoking should be avoided in order to protect oral and dental health and to prevent oral cancers

14. Sugar chewing gums and viscous candies that stick to the teeth are harmful because they cannot be cleaned with saliva. They should be consumed as little as possible.

15. Fruits that increase saliva secretion in the mouth such as orange, tangerine, kiwi, lemon, grapefruit should be consumed

16. After eating dessert, a piece of cheese should be consumed if possible

17. You should definitely drink water or rinse your mouth after every meal

18. Consumption of carbonated drinks should be limited as they can erode tooth enamel

19. Hard nuts like hazelnuts should never be broken with teeth

20. Hard vegetables and fruits such as apples and carrots can be eaten by biting, as they will have a mechanical cleaning effect on the teeth.

21. Milk, yogurt, cheese should be consumed to prevent tooth decay

22. Alcohol or cologne should not be applied to the aching tooth, and the dentist should be visited as soon as possible.

23. A hazelnut-sized paste should be used for brushing teeth

24. Starchy foods such as cookies and pastries increase oral bacterial acidity and should be consumed as little as possible.

25. The friendly green tea of ​​teeth and gums should be consumed 1 glass a day

26. If you see blood on the brush while brushing your teeth, this may be a sign of gum disease. You should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

27. Personalized applications should be preferred in dental aesthetics

28. A solution should be sought first with orthodontic braces for tooth deformities of all ages.

29. The first dental examination of children should begin with the eruption of their first teeth.

30. Not every 20-year-old tooth can be extracted, if it can be cleaned with a brush, it may not be extracted

31. If your gums are visible when you smile, get a natural smile with laser gum aesthetics

32. Don’t forget to smile a lot with your healthy teeth

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