Impacted Tooth Extraction

Impacted Tooth Extraction: Procedure, Types, Healing Process and Recommendations

Impacted teeth are teeth that are stuck under the gum or tooth and do not emerge into the mouth naturally. Impacted teeth may need to be extracted, often due to pain, infection or other dental problems. Impacted tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth from the gum and surrounding tissues. Here is detailed information about impacted tooth extraction:

1. What is Impacted Tooth Extraction?

Impacted teeth are teeth that are usually stuck in the jawbone or behind other teeth . This may cause the tooth to not erupt normally. Impacted teeth may need to be removed because retained teeth can cause problems such as pain, infection, pressure on other teeth, or damage to surrounding tissues.

2. Types of Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth can be in different positions and situations. The most common types of impacted teeth are:

a. Horizontally Impacted Teeth: These are impacted teeth that are placed horizontally on other teeth. In this case, the tooth trying to come out may put pressure on other teeth and cause pain.

b. Vertically Impacted Teeth: These are teeth that are in line with other teeth in the jawbone but remain under the gums. In this case, the tooth’s attempt to come out may cause pain and swelling in the gum.

c. Cross Impacted Teeth: These are impacted teeth that are located diagonally to other teeth. In this case, the tooth’s attempt to come out may affect the position of other teeth and cause congestion in the mouth.

3. How is Impacted Tooth Extraction Done?

Impacted tooth extraction usually involves these steps:

a. Taking an X-ray Image: First, the dentist takes an X-ray image to determine the location of the impacted tooth.

b. Application of Anesthesia: Tooth extraction is performed under local anesthesia. This makes the extraction area numb and no pain is felt.

c. Tooth Removal: The dentist gently separates the tissues surrounding the impacted tooth and uses special tools to remove the tooth. In some cases, tissue within the jawbone may need to be removed.

d. Application of Stitches: After the extraction area is cleaned, the dentist applies stitches. This helps the wound heal.

4. What Should Be Considered After Shooting?

After impacted tooth extraction, it is important for patients to pay attention to the following issues:

a. Pain and Swelling: Pain and swelling after extraction are normal. Painkillers and cold compresses can be used.

b. Wound Care: Wound care should be done as recommended by the dentist and stitches should be checked regularly.

c. Food and Beverage Selection: Hot, hard and irritating foods should be avoided for the first few days.

d. Oral Hygiene: The extraction area should be cleaned and oral hygiene should be ensured as recommended by the doctor.

5. Healing Process

The healing process after impacted tooth extraction usually takes between a few days and a week. Pain, swelling and light bleeding are normal during the healing process. These usually subside over time and full recovery is achieved.

Impacted tooth extraction is an important dental procedure that may be required for a variety of reasons. When done correctly and the recovery process is managed appropriately, patients often experience a quick and uneventful recovery. However, it is important to follow certain recommendations that must be followed carefully after shooting.

At Bahçeşehir Dinamik Dental Clinic, impacted tooth extraction service is offered by expert dentists with modern and safe techniques. Extraction of impacted teeth is performed to prevent pain, inflammation and negative effects on the jaw structure. This procedure, which is performed under local or general anesthesia in our clinic, is performed meticulously, taking into account patient comfort and health. While providing the necessary support and care to our patients during the recovery process, optimal results are achieved in line with the recommendations of our dentists.

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