Tooth Extraction: Procedure, Recommendations and Recovery Process

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that is usually performed when the tooth cannot be removed in a healthy way or needs to be extracted for other reasons. During this procedure , the dentist removes the tooth from the gum and surrounding tissues. Tooth extraction is usually performed under local anesthesia and in most cases is a fairly quick and simple procedure. However, in some cases it can be more complex and require a special approach.

Tooth Extraction

1. How is Tooth Extraction Done?

The tooth extraction process includes the following steps:

a. Application of Anesthesia:

First, the dentist applies local anesthesia. This ensures numbness of the extraction area and no pain is felt during the procedure.

b. Tooth Removal:

The dentist gently separates the tissues around the tooth to be extracted and uses special tools to remove the tooth. In some cases, the tooth is first tried to be removed by shaking it.

c. Cleaning the Wound Site and Applying Gauze:

After the tooth is removed, the extraction area is cleaned with a gauze and pressure is applied to stop the bleeding.

2. What Should Be Considered?

Some important points to consider after tooth extraction are:

a. Pain and Swelling:

Pain and slight swelling after extraction are normal. These symptoms usually subside within a few days. Painkillers and cold compresses recommended by the doctor can be used to reduce swelling and pain.

b. Food and Beverage Selection:

Hot, hard and irritating foods should be avoided for the first few days. These can cause discomfort and infection in the extraction area.

c. Oral Hygiene:

After tooth extraction, oral hygiene should be performed as recommended by the doctor to clean the extraction area. Touching the extraction area should be avoided while brushing and gargling.

3. Shooting Time

Tooth extraction time varies depending on several factors. These include the position, size and condition of the tooth. Extraction of a single tooth usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes.

4. Healing Process

The healing process after tooth extraction may vary from person to person. But it usually takes a few days to a week. Swelling, light bleeding and pain are normal during the healing process. These usually subside over time and full recovery is achieved.

Tooth extraction is an important procedure related to dental health and it is important that it is done correctly and the healing process is managed properly. Therefore, it is important to strictly follow the dentist’s instructions before and after the tooth extraction procedure. Otherwise, complications may arise and the healing process may be prolonged.

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