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What is Laminate Veneer?
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Laminated teeth (also known as laminate, Veneer, laminate or lamina) is a cosmetic solution for many dental disorders that negatively affect your appearance. It is a form of treatment that aims to eliminate these problems by sticking the layer prepared from porcelain on the anterior teeth, which basically have aesthetic problems in laminate veneers. In most cases, they are sufficient to give the teeth a natural beauty and a natural function with their solid structure and non-deteriorating colors. Laminated dental veneers made of porcelain are a thin, semi-permeable layer. They are prepared and placed on an existing tooth with harmony and precision. The front of the tooth and the inside of the veneer are bonded with a special resin (an adhesive intermediate). When the process is finished, they are expected to merge.

How Much Are Laminated Teeth Prices?

Laminated tooth coating prices; According to the 2022 price tariff determined by TDB for the first group cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, the price range for acrylic laminate treatment is 890 TL, and the price range for full ceramic porcelain laminate teeth is 3500 TL.

The prices of laminate applications are determined by the material used and the number of teeth made. If the calculation is made according to the price guide of TDB:

Single tooth porcelain laminate prices, which have the most aesthetic appearance among laminates; It has been determined as 2750 TL -4250 TL for the year 2022. In anterior dental aesthetic applications, it is often preferred to cover the upper 8 or 10 teeth and the lower 6 or 8 teeth.
The cost of composite lamina, which is the most affordable option, is 715 TL for a single tooth. It is often applied symmetrically and in most cases no treatment is required on the tooth.
Although acrylic laminate is not preferred very often today, it is applied by some clinics and the price is 690 TL for a single tooth.

You can contact us via whatsapp to get information about how many pieces and the total cost in accordance with your mouth structure and dental aesthetics.

What are the Advantages of Laminate Veneer?

  • With a little intervention, a healthy and natural appearance is achieved in a very short time. (The experience of your doctor in this matter is a very important factor)
  • They are supplied from durable, colorfast and durable materials.
  • The natural structure of the teeth is not deteriorated, and in this way, it is only possible to have the desired aesthetic properties with porcelain laminate teeth. Either no change is made on the tooth or with a little correction, the result can be more perfect. The amount removed from the tooth is only between 0.3-0.7 mm. In this way, there is little or no need to cut (reduce) the teeth.
  • It is also possible to make a design on a copy of the teeth whose appearance is not liked. In other words, no intervention is made on the teeth, and first of all, we can show the change to be created in the teeth to the patient, thanks to technological possibilities.
  • Since the porcelain surfaces will be quite smooth, it minimizes the staining and tartar formation caused by smoking and similar reasons.
  • It does not change color with external factors such as coffee, tea, smoking.
  • It is quite fragile in material. However, when it is fully adhered to the enamel, its resistance to tensile and tensile forces increases considerably.
  • Its resistance to abrasion is very high.

Treatment Process:

Before starting treatment in Dynamic Dental Polyclinics, you will have a preliminary appointment with our aesthetic dentist. In this appointment; You will have the chance to evaluate how many teeth will be treated, your expectations and the extra treatments that should be applied specifically to your treatment.

Before starting the treatment, if there are any cavities on the teeth to be treated, they should first be repaired with filling or root canal treatment. These additional treatments, which may need to be applied according to your needs, cause an increase in the cost of laminate teeth. Laminate application may not be suitable for people with gum problems.

At the next appointment, your dentist will make minor corrections and, if necessary, some abrasion on the teeth to be treated. Temporary veneers are often applied to the worn teeth on the same day. After the tooth preparation is completed, your mouth and tooth measurements are taken and sent to the laboratory.

Preparation of laminates in the laboratory usually takes between 5-7 days, depending on the number of teeth. At your next appointment, the color, size and form of the prepared teeth are checked. Veneers placed on the teeth are also evaluated in terms of jaw and closing relationships. At this stage, you will have the chance to evaluate the color and form compatibility with your doctor. If there are any changes you want to be made on the teeth, you can specify in this appointment.

If there is no problem with the teeth whose compatibility is checked, they are glued on your teeth. For this process, bacterial plaque and food residues on the tooth surfaces must be cleaned. A certain amount of roughening is done by applying specially prepared acid solutions on the teeth. Then, bonding is applied, which will ensure that the coating is firmly attached to the tooth. The fact that the coating surface is roughened provides a strong bond with the tooth. With the adhesive cement placed inside, the veneer is pressed lightly on the tooth and hardened with the help of blue light.

After the residues after bonding are cleaned, the junction points are polished with special rubbers and the treatment is terminated.

Laminate Tooth Care:

  • In addition to brushing teeth, dental floss and mouthwash should be done.
  • For hard foods with the front teeth, plucking should not be done.
  • If there is a habit of clenching or grinding teeth, a night plate should be used.
  • Nail biting habits should be avoided.
  • Six-month checks should be done regularly.

To Whom Is Laminated Tooth Veneer Applied?

In order to perform these procedures, the patient must first be over the age of 18. Some situations prevent laminate tooth coating. Among these obstacles are nail biting habits, jaw disorder, habit of clenching teeth while sleeping, pencil biting discomfort, and bruxism. Laminate application is not applied to people with this disease.

In addition, veneers should not be applied to people with advanced gum recession. Before starting the dental veneer, all dental conditions must be treated. In cases where the patient does not have any dental problems, Laminated tooth veneer procedures will be completed in 2 or 3 sessions. It will take approximately 1 week in duration. In the first session, the teeth are taken care of and their measurements are taken. In the second session, laminated leaf veneers are adhered to the tooth. In the third session, general control is done. Laminated leaf veneers that are properly glued in place will not fall off again.

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