There are many different types of veneers used in the Tooth Veneer process. Among these types of veneers, the most suitable veneer type is selected for the patient in terms of the condition of the tooth, the cost and the patient’s expectations, and the procedure begins.

In the first step, the measurements of the teeth to be veneered are made, and the veneer material is selected for the veneer to be made in this direction. Then, the cleaning process of the teeth is applied and the molds are prepared and placed on the tooth temporarily in order to form the necessary shape for the coating. In order to observe whether the tooth adapts to the mold, the patient lives with the mold placed temporarily for a while. If a problem is encountered during this process, the mold is removed and the necessary treatment is applied to solve the problem. As the final stage, the tooth coating process is completed and the process ends.

Tooth veneer process is completed in 3 sessions if there is no problem, but depending on the condition of the tooth and the patient, it is possible to accelerate the process and complete the veneer in 2 sessions. The important point is that 2-3 days between each session will be better for the placement of the tooth coating.

After the dental veneer process is completed, it is important for the patient to pay attention to oral care. He should brush his teeth at least 2 times and take care to use dental floss. There is no need for an additional care for the veneer, but oral care should continue in its normal routine. Apart from this, it is recommended to be careful about very hot or very cold drinks and foods.

–Porcelain Dental Veneer: It is a type of veneer made of porcelain material. Porcelain veneer prepared and fitted in the patient’s own tooth color is a durable and long-lasting veneer type against tooth breakage. It is also preferred by patients with aesthetic concerns.

-Zirconium Dental Veneer: It is a type of dental veneer that makes the tooth look as close to the original. This type of tooth coating does not have hot and cold sensitivity like the others, and it does not cause any problems in the gums. Thanks to its natural and aesthetic appearance, it is possible to say that it is the most preferred type of Zirconium tooth coating for anterior teeth.

-Metal Backed Tooth Veneer: This type of veneer, which stands out thanks to its dark appearance, is not preferred much. Cost How long does the zirconium treatment last? Except that it is more suitable than other coatings, there is no feature that makes the metal-supported coating stand out. Because it has a durable coating and a dark appearance, it is the most preferred coating for the back teeth.

-Empress (Full Porcelain) Tooth Veneer: For the application of full porcelain tooth veneer, a certain amount is shaved around the tooth and the process can be applied after it is prepared for veneer. Results are obtained in the color of the patient’s own teeth and with an aesthetic appearance.

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