How should domestic implant brands and these domestic implant prices be calculated? What are the price ranges?

The implant application, which is a long-term treatment method, provides patients with solid teeth that they can use for a lifetime at the end of the treatment. For this reason, implant prices and brands are highly researched by people. There are many methods used in dental treatment. People can lose their teeth due to various reasons such as tooth decay and gum recession. People with tooth loss cannot comfortably eat, laugh, and talk. For this reason, they are in a hurry to get a new tooth as soon as possible.

There are multiple ways to replace missing teeth with new teeth. Prosthetic teeth and implants are two of these methods. Implant treatment is the most permanent and useful solution among new dental applications. Domestic dental implant brands and prices have been intrigued recently due to the excessive increase in the exchange rate and the relatively affordable domestic implants. Implant teeth are artificial tooth roots made of titanium. If you are experiencing discomfort and problems with your teeth, first of all, you should consult your dentist. Your doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment method for you. If there is a situation where an implant is required, it is useful to research local implant brands and learn their prices.

What are the Major Domestic Implant Brands in Turkey?

Dti Implant
DTI Implant Systems Inc.; It was established in 2000. For nine years after its establishment, it researched the production phase of implant systems all over the world, evaluated its advantages and disadvantages and created a project on implant production.

This project, which was presented to TÜBİTAK by DTI, was deemed suitable for scientific and technological support as a result of the evaluations made.

DTI, which started to produce its first implants in its factory, which was established in 2009 and supported by the latest technology, completed its scientific studies with TUBITAK, Turkey’s leading universities and international institutes until 2012.

Omnitech Implant
Omnitech Implants. ISO 13485 Standard by “Rh Positive Medical Devices Manufacturing Technology Inc.”
and “MDD 93/42 EEC Medical Devices Directive”.
Omnitech Implants are produced by machining method on machines with the latest technology “Computerized Numerical Control”.
Ideal placement of the implant in the smaller diameter hole drilled into the Bone and soft
By opening a Two-Entry Buttress type groove on the body so that it can be placed in a wider area in the bone and this
Two mutually cut forming channels were opened, where the grooves can open their own way.

Nucleoss Implant
Nucleoss, one of Turkey’s first domestic implant manufacturers, was founded in 2001 by Şanlılar Ltd. STI. was founded by in Izmir.

NucleOSS has developed the best, most biocompatible and cleanest dental implants for you by combining its meticulous R&D studies and knowledge with world-class precision production protocol. We continue to design, develop and introduce innovative products to increase the quality of operation and provide more comfortable treatment processes.

Implance implants produced in Trabzon by Ags Medical, one of the first domestic implants to receive American FDA approval, implantation implants exported to many countries around the world, including America. As Surface and Implant structure; It stands out with its hybrid design, switch platform, special groove design, micro-threadless structure and perfect internal structure – conical connection.

Increasing the standards of domestic implants day by day with its scientific and high-quality production service, Bilimplant has managed to become a reliable company in the dental sector with its innovative R&D studies carried out under the consultancy of its highly experienced academic staff since its establishment in 2014. Bilimplant, which is used extensively in many universities and private sectors in our country, exports to more than 15 countries. It stands out with its ease of application, implant surface quality and prosthetic solutions and attracts attention by physicians.

How to Do Local Implant Application?

Implant application is a treatment method that takes longer than other dental treatments. In direct proportion to the long duration of the treatment process, the duration of use of implant teeth is also quite long. Implant teeth, which can generally be used for a lifetime, are very comfortable to use, as they make the original tooth feel more comfortable than dentures. One of the most curious issues about implants, which are very useful, is the range of domestic production implant prices.

Implants are screw-shaped structures. The implant is placed in the empty space left by the missing tooth. After the implant is placed in the jawbone, a healing period of 3-4 months is allowed for it to fuse with the bone. At the end of 3-4 months, the implant will be completely fused with the bone, after a solid root is formed, prosthetic teeth are attached to the implants. There are many types of implants. There are imported implants as well as domestic production ones. Domestic dental implant prices are wondered by those who want to use domestic production.

How Much Are Domestic Implant Prices?

The implant can be applied to any individual over the age of 18 and whose jaw development has been completed. As the prices of implants may change every year, the current status of the domestic implant prices in 2022 is determined by the Turkish Dentists’ Association. Lower costs such as logistics are the main reasons. Implants; It is divided into different categories according to the material, coating and treatment type it is produced, so the brands and prices vary. There are several types of implants that are also produced locally, and you can choose from the options presented to you by your doctor. As you can learn the most accurate information about prices from your dentist, you should decide together with your doctor which is the most suitable one for you among the names of local implant brands.

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