Dental implants are widely used in the removal of missing teeth today. among the treatment options. They mimic a normal tooth by being placed on the jawbone. It can be used for a lifetime with regular controls and good maintenance.

Patients usually return to work the next day and can regain their teeth in about 3 months. Thanks to sinus lift procedures and bone grafts applied by our specialist physicians when necessary, implant treatments can now be applied in many patient groups.

What is implant treatment?

Dental implants are an option that allows us to offer the closest solution to patients in some tooth deficiencies.

Dental implants made of titanium materials, which are placed in the jawbone and proven to be biocompatible, are an effective, long-lasting and aesthetic method.

What is the treatment period?

The surgical operation part of the implant treatment is completed in 10-15 minutes. While no pain is felt in this procedure, there may be very mild pain and tingling for the following 1-2 days.

In order for the implants to be integrated into the jawbone, the prosthesis part can be delivered to the patient within 1 week after 2-3 months.

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