It is a branch of science that aims to regain the functionality and aesthetic appearance that is deteriorated, decreased or lost with fixed prostheses, removable prostheses, zirconium and laminated restorations.


It is a very aesthetic, healthy and long-lasting material used to prevent the black-gray reflection of traditional metal-supported porcelain from the gingival edge over time.

There is no metal inside, they are produced with completely computer-aided 3D scrapers.

Treatment time

After preparing the teeth and taking impressions, 1 session is rehearsed. In this rehearsal, the compatibility of the zirconium frameworks with the gums, the teeth on the side and the opposite jaw is checked. After the color of the final restoration is decided with the patient, the teeth are delivered in the final session 3-4 days later. These procedures can only be completed by visiting the clinic 2-3 times in 10-15 days in total.

Laminate Coating

Laminated restorations are the most up-to-date and most aesthetic solution on the market. It is produced entirely from glass-ceramic. In this way, light transmittance, aesthetic appearance and color harmony are close to perfect. And during these procedures, only the anterior parts of the teeth are abraded, it is a very protective and healthy treatment option.

Treatment time

First, the control and examination session is set. The smile line, tooth lip relationship, vertical and horizontal view of the face, color and position of the other teeth in the mouth are checked together with the patient. After deciding how many laminates will be made, a measurement is taken from the patient so that the technician can show the finished state to the patient, and wax-up is prepared by the technician.

In the next session, these temporary restorations, which we call wax-up, are applied to the patient’s mouth. Our patient expresses his ideas about these teeth and if deemed appropriate, the procedure can be started. Until now, the patient’s teeth have never been touched.

After our patient approves, only the anterior parts of the teeth are abraded. Measurements are taken with digital or traditional methods and sent to the technician.

Infrastructure rehearsal is seen within a week. compatibility with teeth and gums, their position relative to the patient’s face and lip line are checked. If approval is given, the end session is requested.

The final restorations prepared in 3-4 days are delivered to the patient.

Digital Smile Design

In our clinic, a design technology is used for our patients, which is completely computer-generated and can be made in desired shapes and forms.

At the first examination appointment, the patient is scanned digitally. These scans are sent to the laboratory and interviews are made to produce them in the way the patient specified. If our patient’s wishes will not cause any functional problems, scrapings are performed and teeth called mock-ups are produced.

These teeth are adapted to the patient’s mouth and it is talked about whether they are liked or not, and if approved, the process is started by making abrasions from the related teeth. In cases where it is not liked or wanted to be changed, it can be presented to the patient’s taste by making relevant plays. In the meantime, since no cutting process has been done from the teeth yet, trials can be done comfortably.


For a beautiful smile, we want rows of white and shiny teeth. However, some individuals may have anatomical deformities and tooth separations in their teeth. Their teeth may break as a result of an accident. Bonding is a treatment in which these deformities, tooth gaps and fractures in our teeth are corrected aesthetically with filling using various bonding agents.

What are the benefits?

It is faster than its alternatives, Lamina porcelain and zirconium. Your teeth are generally not abraded or roughening is applied at a minimum level due to the situation. In this way, no damage will be done to your teeth. The bonding process is usually 1 session.