Braces Prices

Braces treatment is a treatment method applied to correct misaligned and crooked teeth. The braces applied to the teeth provide tremendous improvement of the teeth in long-term use. The price of braces varies depending on the materials used in the treatment.

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What is Braces?

Braces are a treatment method applied to correct misaligned and crooked teeth. Braces prices vary according to the products used and the clinics performing the treatment. The braces applied to the teeth provide tremendous improvement of the teeth in long-term use. Also braces; It is also frequently preferred in case of problems such as missing teeth, splitting or broken teeth.

How Are Braces Prices Determined?

There are many factors that determine the price of braces. Since everyone’s teeth, jaws and bone structures are different, orthodontic treatments are completely personalized. The orthodontist specialist plans the necessary treatment process for a perfect smile and informs the clients in detail. In order to determine the Braces Price, a clinical examination is required. Thus, the most appropriate treatment planning can be made for the individual’s condition.

What are the Factors Affecting the Price of Braces?

As a result of the decision taken by the Turkish Dentists Association, orthodontics (Braces Prices) are determined for public hospitals and private hospitals every year. It is forbidden to share these prices on the Internet due to competition conditions. Therefore, in order to learn the most accurate price information, you need to visit our clinic and have a clinical examination.

Braces Application

The dentist who starts the application of braces cleans the caries and tartar in the teeth as the first step. Teeth on which braces will be applied are prepared for braces application. Then, braces are applied to the teeth that are needed, and if necessary, rubber is attached and treatment is supported. You may feel that there is an excess in your mouth after braces are applied. This feeling is quite normal. Later in the treatment, you may also feel pain in your mouth as the braces will start to move the teeth. It is recommended to use painkillers for this. You should also make changes in your eating routine during the first periods of braces. Meat or hard food may strain you. Especially in the first weeks, you should consume more liquid and soft foods. If you consume hard foods, you can cause your braces to dislodge. Apart from these, when movements occur in the roots of the teeth, you may have difficulty consuming the food to be eaten by biting.

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Types of Braces

Types of braces; metal braces, transparent braces, lingual brackets, transparent plaques.

Metal Braces:

Metal braces are the most commonly used method in orthodontic treatment. Metal braces are much more durable than other types of braces. Metal braces are frequently used, especially in the treatment of children. Metal braces are very prominent as they are placed on the outside of the teeth. Although it can be seen, metal braces are the braces that give the fastest results.

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Transparent braces are less visible than metal braces. For this reason, people who are uncomfortable with the sight of the braces on their teeth often prefer transparent braces.

Lingual Brackets:

Lingual brackets are generally used by the elderly. Lingual brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth, not the inside of the teeth. Therefore, they do not cause any aesthetic problems. However, lingual brackets require much more careful maintenance. In terms of cost, lingual brackets are much more expensive than other braces.


Transparent Plates:

Clear plaques are an almost invisible type of treatment. For this reason, clear aligners offer the patient an effortless and aesthetically pleasing treatment process. Transparent plates are removable materials. Therefore, they provide great advantages to the patient. However, clear plates should be changed every two weeks. In this way, the teeth are moved slowly and easily formed into the desired shape.

The Differences Between Braces Prices

The most basic task of braces is to correct the defects in the teeth. Thanks to the braces, almost all the disorders in the teeth are corrected. Crowding in the teeth and closing disorders in the mouth are corrected, while tooth decay and wear are protected. In other words, thanks to the braces, the loss of healthy teeth caused by dental calculus is eliminated. Braces also prevent the formation of bacteria in the mouth due to adjacent and clenched teeth.

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