Implant prices are determined by the selected implant brand, depending on the increase in exchange rates in 2022. Implant prices become clear after the dentist’s examination. Here, the experience of the physician, the number of missing teeth and whether the implant is in the aesthetic region are important factors that determine the price.

In this article, what are the estimated implant prices in 2022? what kind of implant price and cost? We will cover all stages of implant dental treatment.

In the following parts of our article, you can get a net price by using the implant prices calculation bot.

Factors Determining the Price of Implant Treatment

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The Turkish Dental Association determines the implant dental surgery prices every year. Implant dental treatment prices published by the dentists association are taken as base prices by the clinics. The actual implant tooth price varies according to the clinic where you have the treatment and the experience of your physician. While determining the price of an implant tooth, the following items are taken into consideration;

Dental implant brand to be used
Experience of the physician who will apply the implant treatment
The patient’s mouth and teeth condition, jaw structure
How many implant treatments will be done
Payment method
Implant prices of the clinic that will perform the implant treatment
Turkish dentists association sole implant prices

If you provide information about current tooth loss by making an online appointment on our site or by calling us, we can give you a price range for implant treatment. Dental implant placement treatment in our clinic. It is made by M. Halil Kaymaz.

Remember, since the implant treatment will be done once in your life, the expertise and experience of the physician who will apply the implant dental treatment is very important. Your choice of a good clinic provides an implant that we can use for life. When it comes to your oral and dental health, making the right choice will prevent complications you will experience after implant treatment.

implant fiyatları 2021Implant Prices 2022

Implant prices vary between 3000 TL and 7500 TL depending on the implant brand in 2022. Implant prices are more affordable for domestic implant brands produced in Turkey, while imported brand implant prices are more expensive.

Although implant brands have the same function in terms of oral and dental health, many differences may arise when determining implant prices due to the quality of raw materials used, longevity and the fact that most brands come from abroad with foreign exchange rates. This is the main reason for the increase in the number of domestic implants in the field of oral and dental health today.


You can call our clinic to get information about 1 Day Implant treatment or implant prices, or you can make an appointment if you wish.

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implant fiyatlarıSingle Dental Implant Prices

In single tooth deficiencies, single tooth implant prices are determined depending on the region of the missing tooth. The price of a single tooth implant will be between 3500 TL and 7000 TL in the posterior region where aesthetics is not at the forefront, and the price of a single tooth implant will be between 6000 TL and 10000 TL if it will be performed in the upper jaw where aesthetics is important.

Here, the factors affecting the price are due to the coating to be made on the dental implant. After the intraosseous implant is made, the dental veneer is determined according to the aesthetic need. There are options such as veneer crown zirconium.

As a result, we will have to choose one of two veneers, metal-supported porcelain or zirconium-supported porcelain after implant treatment. Some clinics may additionally calculate tissue grafting excluding bone powder fee.

Implant Brands and Implant Prices

The dental implant, the first form of today’s implant, was first applied in Sweden in 1965. Later, with the increase in research, many implant tooth manufacturers have released their own brands. Since 2001, implant production has been carried out in Turkey. Today, there are nearly 20 preferred manufacturers.

Since dental implants are formed by connecting very small and screwed parts, this is similar to watch production. For this reason, the most successful and well-known brands in the dental implant field are Swiss-based companies. The most well-known and widely used implant brand in the world is the Swiss-based Straumann brand. Foreign and local implant brands and implant prices in our clinic are listed below.

implant fiyatları

Implant Brands and Implant Prices are as follows in 2022:

  • Mode Domestic Implant Brand Prices (Turkish) – 2500 TL
  • Bego Implant Dental Prices (Germany) – 8000 TL
  • Osstem Implant Dental Prices (South Korea) – 6000 TL
  • Straumann Implant Dental Prices (Switzerland) – 9000 TL

Bu fiyatlar genel olarak çene kemiğine yerleştirilen kısımla ilgili fiyatlardır. Kemikle kaynaştıktan sonra üzerine yapılacak kaplama diş fiyatları ise kaplamanın türüne göre değişmektedir. Burada yapılacak olan kaplama hastanın beklenti ve isteği ayrıca hekimin önerisi doğrultusunda belirlenmektedir.

How Is Implant Made?

If we answer the question of how the implant is made, the dental implant treatment processes are as follows;


After listening to the patient’s complaints, the dentist evaluates the situation in terms of the bone structure of the patient’s area of ​​tooth loss in the mouth. After the condition of the jawbone and gingiva is evaluated in terms of dental implant, the plus and minus complications of implant treatment are discussed in detail between the dentist and the patient. At this stage, the patient has clear information about implant prices. The most important stage of implant treatment is the matrix examination stage.

Non-Implant Treatments

Problems that may cause caries or pain in terms of the patient’s oral and dental health should be completely resolved before the dental implant operation. As with all treatments, there is a sequence in implant treatment. It is absolutely necessary to observe this order.


Stripping of Gum

  • For implant tooth placement, the gingiva in the root of the tooth is cut.

Opening the Implant Slot in the Jaw Bone

  • After the gingiva is stripped, a socket is opened in the jaw.

Placing the Dental Implant

  • After surgically opening the socket in the jawbone, the implant tooth is placed.

Attaching the Implant Valve

  • Dental implants are threaded and cling to the jawbone. Then, it is waited for a while in order for the implant to fuse with the jawbone.

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                         Suturing the Gum

Suturing the Gum

  • The treatment is completed by suturing the gums. The healing process of the implant, that is, the process of fusion with the bone, is 3 months on average. However, the quality of the bone, its dimensions and the compression force of the implant may increase the waiting time even more. After the dental implant is placed in the jawbone, there are 2 types of healing:

Closed healing

After the dental implant is placed in the jawbone, it is called closing the screw hole with a small valve. Then, the gingiva and the implant are completely covered and surgical sutures are placed. We do not feel anything with our tongue except the stitches inside the mouth. When we look in the mirror, we cannot see the implant or its cover in our mouth. After waiting for the fusion process of the bone and dental implant, the gingiva is cut again and the large cap is placed.

Open Healing

After the dental implant is placed in the jawbone, the implant hole is closed with a large cap. In this case, we feel this cover with our tongue. If we look in the mirror, we can see the metallic-looking cover. However, seeing a dental implant in the mouth or feeling it with our tongue indicates a negative situation.

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Implant Treatment Final Stage

Which healing process will be followed is decided by the physician according to the experience, knowledge and bone structure of the physician.

Base Implant Tooth Prices for 2022 Determined by the Turkish Dentists Association


Curious About Implant Prices

How long is the implant tooth life?

The life of a tooth implant that you take care of enough is about 25 years.

How many implants are made in a day?

15 dental implants can be made in one day.

How Much Is a Single Dental Implant Price?

The price of a single tooth implant varies between 6000 TL and 7500 TL depending on the implant brand used.

How Long Does Implant Dental Treatment Take?

A dental implant is completed in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

Does the State Pay for the Implant?

The state, namely SSK, does not cover implant treatments.

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