Digital Smile Design

As it is known, digital smile design is not a software program. Digital smile design is an aesthetic smile design created by dentists using digital technologies. Dental health and aesthetics are corrected by making a personalized aesthetic smile design.

What is Digital Smile Design?
What Is Considered While Performing Personalized Smile Aesthetics?
Digital Smile Design Price
Why Do Digital Smile Design Prices Change?
Smile Design Treatment
How is smile design shaping done?
Is Smile Design Permanent?
How Do We Make Smile Design Permanent?
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How to Smile Design?
What are the Smile Design Stages?
Smile Aesthetics Prices
Why Do Smile Aesthetics Prices Change?
What is Digital Smile Design?

As you can understand from the name of digital smile design, it is applied individually. For this reason, smile design aesthetics are prepared differently for each person. If a tooth design was made as an incoming rather than personalized, a smile aesthetic suitable for everyone’s mouth and tooth structure would not emerge. For this reason, what we call smile aesthetics is created individually and by using digital technologies.

What Is Considered While Performing Personalized Smile Aesthetics?
There are several examinations that need to be done before a personalized smile design aesthetic is performed. These examinations are;

Examination of the person’s jaw structure.
Examination of the person’s jawbone.
Color selection suitable for the individual as it is a personalized design.
Custom model work.
Personal aesthetic planning.
Gum aesthetics.
If a few factors are determined, a personalized smile aesthetic application is made. If you are wondering what a digital smile design is, it is a personalized smile design as we mentioned above. Dentists are improving themselves and their functions day by day with technology about oral and dental health by making use of technology. This becomes a good response to human health and human wishes. In this way, both dentists and individuals who want to see dental treatment obtain an aesthetic result by using technology.


Aesthetic smile design emerges as a result of expert dentists combining their skills with art. this design is a great method and technology to please you and your dentist. Now, using the advancement of technology, dentists continue to produce magnificent teeth.

Digital Smile Design Price
Digital smile may vary in price. Digital smile design is an aesthetic smile design developed by dentists with the help of technology. It is specially prepared by the dentist as the mouth and tooth structure varies from person to person. In this way, aesthetic teeth suitable for the person emerge instead of ordinary teeth.

When the dentist’s skill is combined with art, beautiful smiles and magnificent teeth emerge. In this way, the dentist both makes himself happy and makes his patient happy.

Why Do Digital Smile Design Prices Change?
Digital smile design differs from person to person. The difference in aesthetic tooth smile design blended with technology by dentists means that you have problems in your oral and dental health.

If some complications have occurred in your tooth, these complications should be eliminated by your dentist first. Once these complications are resolved, your dentist will treat you. Because dentists act cautiously in order to avoid problems later. We can list some of these problems as follows;

tooth breakage
Damage to adjacent tooth
damage to the nerves
Pain and loss of sensation
Root canal treatment
The occurrence of such complications will vary in price. Aesthetic smile design prices vary between 6,000 TL and 15,000 TL if a complicated treatment is applied.

If tooth fracture, damage to the adjacent tooth, nerve damage, bleeding, swelling, pain and loss of sensation, root canal treatment, filling, etc. If it will not go through a complicated treatment process, aesthetic smile design prices will become a little more affordable. Aesthetic smile design prices can vary between 2.000 TL and 6.000 TL.

Smile Design Treatment
Smile design treatment is first organized on the expectations of the patient. Smile design is a dental aesthetics made by dentists using technology. When the dentist combines his skill with art and technology, aesthetic looking teeth emerge.

Before the smile design aesthetic is applied, it is determined in order to fully understand the aesthetic expectation of the person and to determine the needs correctly. If a joint decision is reached as the expectation of the dentist and the patient, the procedure is put into practice.

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